You’re a mission-driven coach, ready to launch their one-to-many program! Facebook ads leaving you feeling stressed out and frustrated? I want to help you 10X your results using FB ads and meaningful funnels. Check out my services below and if you have any questions, get in touch.


I would highly recommend Loredana to anyone considering an expansion in business. She will take all of the hassle of managing ads away from you leaving you to just show up fully for what you are here to do. 

Joanna Choncer Skin & Gut Health Coach

Facebook Ads & Funnels

Let’s get those ads working hard for you so that you can increase your impact and increase your income!

Full Service Ads

Get the full power of our agency behind your launch

Hand over the keys to your Facebook ads! Our team can create campaigns to match your goals.

We specialise in launches and work with a limited number of consulting clients to achieve outstanding results.

To avail of this service you'll need to have an already-validated offer and a minimum ad spend budget of £1000.00 a month.

Ready-to-buy Leads

Facebook Ads Strategy

Create a stream of leads who are ready-to-buy from you.

Our 4Cs framework is here to make your next Facebook Ads campaign a success. More qualified leads, less waste in your ad budget.

Let's partner up to find the route to success. We'll plan an effective paid strategy, unravel new opportunities for your brand and give you a roadmap to help you get results straight away.

The Campaign Launch Sprint

Power Hour Bundle

Ads not working, but you're not sure why?

Let me run through your Ad Account and landing pages and provide you a bespoke audit pointing you in the right direction and help you get your ads in front of the right audiences.

“I got over 500 signups for my challenge”

When I was in launch mode, Facebook ads was just one thing too many for me to manage.

Loredana guided me through the tricky stuff. She made sure my ads got out at the right time to my audiences and constantly monitored them for me. Such a sense of relief just knowing that I had expert eyes and my money wasn’t going to waste.

It’s been such a blessing with great results.

I’m already working with her on my next campaign.

Naomi Newland

“I really felt like she cared. It wasn’t like I was just another client to get done.”

I had absolutely no idea about Facebook Ads, what to do, where to begin. Literally, within a matter of days, she helps me with copy with, and with the setup. I had over 250 people signed up for my masterclass.

I can’t recommend Loredana enough, not only because of the results, but also because she just has it covered, and it was one less thing for me to worry about, and I just knew she was filling up the funnel.

The energy and the smoothness are just what I need. I’m incredibly busy, and I really needed that support, and Loredana was exactly that.

7 – figure Independent Musician and Mentor

I see you change maker.

If you're going to hit those launch goals this time, we have much to discuss.

PIMP MY PIXEL Visibility Accelerator

1- 4 November 11:30am BST

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