I see you Change Maker!

You sit down in front of the computer in the evening determined to figure out how to use Facebook Ads for your next launch. Next thing you know… three hours have passed and you find yourself looking at cat videos on YouTube (is this a thing? Yes, I am told) or if you are like me, you are searching for a holiday or your dream home you can’t afford anyway. Not yet.

You end up feeling more confused than when you started and you are ready to give up before you even started.

Sound familiar?


Is this you?

  • “It looks SO EASY for everyone else. Why can’t I do it?
  • “The to-do list for my next launch is like 100 things long!”
  • “I feel like my launch will flop if I don’t run ads.
  • “But I’m dreading having to figure out Facebook Ads again. Why do they keep changing it??
  • “Nothing I’m trying on Facebook ads is working. It feels like I’m throwing money out the window!

The truth is…

  • The Advertising landscape has changed drastically, and keeps changing.
  • Markets have become more saturated.
  • The days of throwing a social post online and raking in the $$$ are OVER!
  • Facebook ad costs have gone up.

You are not alone, but you are in the right place.

My superpower is to simplify Facebook Ads for online course launches and amplify results for my clients.


Life is too short to focus on  things that you can’t control or on those things that don’t light you up.

Hi, I’m Loredana.

I’m a Facebook Ads Unicorn, part Strategy, part Investigator, part Implementor.

I eat data for breakfast so you don’t have to and I love talking strategy with anyone who will listen.

I get to work with some of the most incredible human beings who have a mission to make this world a better place.

One of the things I’m often asked is…

“How and WHY on earth did you get started with Facebook Ads?”

So here’s the story… I had a dream. A big one for an immigrant who hardly spoke any English when I moved to the UK.

I remember vividly my first day in the UK, after a 3-day coach ride from Romania, waiting for the bus in Victoria station to take us to Bayswater. 

With tears in my eyes, I was thinking about what was in my head when I left Romania? I left a good paying job in an advertising agency with little English and dreaming to continue working in an advertising agency. 


From Waiting Tables to Building Businesses

From waiting tables in an Italian restaurant where I learned to make the best pasta to being invited to the Queen’s Garden party, to working for one of the large accountancy firms in the UK while building a business on the side I think I’ve done pretty well.

But it wasn’t all bells and whistles. While I was grateful for the opportunities I had created, I was miserable. My jobs were not motivating me enough, I was not progressing fast enough for my liking but while working full time I kept learning. Graduated, became a Chartered Marketer and finally I was getting closer to my dream and started freelancing my marketing skills 

To cut the story short I was an Accidental Entrepreneur. Until several years ago, when I was a burnout single parent, working full time and freelancing on the side.

I couldn’t keep juggling parenting, school pick up, after school activities, freelancing at weekends or evenings and working full time. So I had decided to take a leap of faith and give a go at being an entrepreneur. I had a go at creating my dream role and this is how Marketology came to life.

Zero list, zero audience, zero products. But I had a dream to build a lifestyle that allowed me to pick up my daughter from school without worrying that I would have to ask my boss to leave work early again. 

So, in my true nature, I went all in. I took courses, I studied from the giants in online marketing, and I took risks to get what I want.

All of this while helping other business owners create the freedom they crave. BONUS! I get to work now with change makers, mission driven online coaches and course creators and we get to make the world a better place, one word/course at a time. 

Why Facebook Ads?

Back in 2009, I discovered how powerful this platform is and how entrepreneurs, small business owners like me and you can have a bigger stage and get in front of their audiences faster. Despite the challenges, it is still the most cost effective way to promote your business and connect with your audience. 

Things have changed in the digital space.

Every piece of your strategy needs to be 100% on point if you want to see success and keep your costs from skyrocketing.

If you’re not fully set up for this new era, let’s find out why and take action to fix it.


What we believe

We believe in creating waves of positivity through our work and helping clients amplify the ripple effects out to the World through their work.

We don’t have a magic formula. We have years of experience and all we know is to build a bespoke strategy and tailor your ads to get you results.  

Integrity is at our core. If we don’t think we’re a good fit for you, we’ll tell you BEFORE the process begins.

Innovation in an ever-changing digital landscape we are here to ride the wave of change and stay on top of trends so our clients can focus on their zone of genius.

Ownership. We always honor our promises and we take ownership of the strategy and implementation. If we get something wrong we will own that and improve it. 

We believe in diversity. We celebrate the visible and invisible qualities that make each person unique. 

We believe all clients, customers, employees, contractors, collaborators, vendors, and others who encounter our business should feel valued and respected, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, ability or other identities. 

Freedom is what drives us forward. And we want this for our clients too. Freedom of speech, freedom to do what we love. Freedom to choose who we work with. Freedom to choose where we work from. Freedom to focus on projects that create waves of positivity in the world.

I see you change maker.

If you're going to hit those launch goals this time, we have much to discuss.

PIMP MY PIXEL Visibility Accelerator

1- 4 November 11:30am BST

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